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Appetite for destruction.

Hey mom, thanks for the new toy. Let's see how attempt #749 at finding a toy that I can enjoy for more than 5 minutes goes. Image Oh, I wasn't supposed to eat it?


Well, I totally blew this one. I predicted that the toy would last about 30 minutes before complete destruction. I believe it made it about five. Back to the drawing board.


Also, Milly loves rope toys. If I buy her a rope toy she is content to play with it until the entire thing is shredded into a nice pile of vacuum-destroying mess. This toy seemed like the best idea ever because I figured whenever she did finish with the rubber bone she would have a rope toy to play with. She wants nothing to do with the rope toy, just keeps snooping around the house looking in every nook and cranny for stray little hot pink chunks of rubber. And she keeps finding them. I fear this toy will haunt out living room the way Christmas tinsel does.

Alarm clock.

They scanned my cat, I can play now!