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They scanned my cat, I can play now!

Image It's hard to believe how long it's been since I've posted anything that I've actually written. I needed to take a little break while I was going through some nerve wracking things. Medical tests, ahhhh the bane of my existence. My wise Uncle Dale had said that the tests can be worse than the disease, and this was a man that suffered to the death with cancer. For me I've found that it's the fear of the unknown and the anxiety over the tests that is worse than anything. I thought that I would want to write about my experiences with the MRI, the test results showing a possible brain aneurysm, and the ensuing CT scan that took me over a week and three different tries (and the help of some truly amazing hospital staff) to finally man up and do. But now that it's done I am just ready to move past it all. It's funny to me that a doctor has no problem sternly telling you that they've seen something on your brain MRI that doesn't look good, that they need to do more pictures to investigate this aneurysm possibility and that after the "more tests" are completed he doesn't feel compelled to call and let you know that you are okay. Thankfully, I have Kaiser and my OB/GYN of all people looked up the results for me and gave me the good news. I hated every minute of those few weeks and I know that my family and the few friends that went on the journey with me did too. When you get good news such as "hey you're brain is not broken" and you have friends literally jumping in the air fist pumping and crying for you, you know that you are a very, very lucky person. I had a whole bunch of things outlined to say about it all but I really don't want to revisit that emotional journey. Maybe I will later down the road, maybe never. For now, I am just very, very happy that my brain is not broken and I will not have to have brain surgery.

Appetite for destruction.

This just happened.