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New year, new routine.

I am having a really tough time getting things together this week. Usually I am on fire at the beginning of the new year, ready for the holidays to be over and to kick some new resolutions off. This year I am having a tough time adjusting to my new routine. One blog is fun and time consuming, two blogs are going to require me to get seriously organized. I'm working on it. I find that the more I plan out my organization, the less things actually get organized and happen! So I am trying to  just do it. One thing at a time and keep the momentum going. If only we could bottle motivation for use whenever we need it most! Speaking of the other blog, check it out if you have time, especially if you or somebody you know has Celiac Disease or is on a gluten free diet! http://celiacwarrior.wordpress.com/

Also, I was a Sports Authority the other day and they had a display of hacky sacks at the register. Do people still hack? I am proud to claim the title of Worst Hacky Sack Player of the 90s. With all the iPods and iPads and Xbox's these days though I am sure there are plenty of kids out there way more un-athletic and uncoordinated than I was.

Give yourself permission to dream.

At attention.