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It may not be Key West, but this is my paradise :)


I want to paint it black.


I have a confession to make. I am totally addicted to the Free Stuff section on Craigslist. I obsessively refresh the window on my iPhone app whenever I can spare the time and usually even when I can't. This addiction has proved to be fruitful for me though. I have scored some pretty sweet stuff! Recently I was able to get an entire box of unopened paint from an art teacher that didn't need it and then today I got a bag of paint remnants from a guy who just painted a mural in his son's room and didn't want the leftovers. These are going to be just PERFECT for a few projects that I am about to start. Thank you Craigslisters! Oh, and I do return the favor. We have cleaned out our garage and left loads and loads of free stuff on the curb for fellow Craigslisters. It's a great way to get rid of stuff quickly (people seriously swarm on those ads) and it's nice to know that you are doing something nice for someone.



If I ever turned into Spider Woman or something like that.

The nature of the beast.