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If I ever turned into Spider Woman or something like that.

Your personal best isn't always going to be a personal record.  

This girl has not been running. I think it's been a week. My running goals are SO SMALL compared to most people I know. And it's almost embarrassing but if you read the first post I made about running, I think I might have been able to go twenty steps the first time. I am horribly out of shape. Not in the way you can tell by looking at me, but in the deep-inside-your heart and other important organs in a way that sneaks up and kills you kind of way. Running serves a few purposes for me - I don't want to die of a heart attack at age 35, I NEED it for pain relief and anti-depressive therapy, and hopefully it can get my butt back into 21-year-old form. One of my resolutions is to be able to run one mile straight without stopping. I cannot do this. When I was running every morning (before it dipped down to the 28 degree mark on a daily basis)  I got close. I was up to almost three-quarters of a mile. I am failing miserably though as I have let the frozen temps be my excuse to sleep in and now I'm back down to maybe half a mile. Keep in mind, I do not push myself to a boot camp extreme. I want to be able to run this mile without passing out, puking, or dying and I want to enjoy it enough that I do it again the following day. So slowwwwwly but surely I am working at it.

Marathons. Now this is such a crazy idea to me that I'm not sure they really even exist. A little part of me thinks "liar" every time I see the "26.2" bumper sticker on somebody's car. TWENTY SIX MILES?! I mean point two. That point two is really significant I'm sure after running further than it takes me to get to the mall and back. I just can't even wrap my brain around that. I run around our block when I run. I would have to run around our block 52 1/2 times to train for a marathon. That's not gonna happen.

I absolutely INCREDULOUSLY admire anyone who even runs a half-marathon. I can't even fathom the 13.1 mile distance. However, if I was ever bitten by a spider that turned me into some super power wielding super human sort of being, I believe that I have found the marathon that I would run. I would run the ING NYC marathon with the group Every Mother Counts. They run to raise funds for mothers in Tanzania who literally have to run/walk/crawl a minimum of a marathon distance just to receive pre-natal care and to give birth to their children. This is something we spoiled Americans cannot begin to fathom. I am all for helping our neighbors at home first but situations like this really give me pause and give light to the big picture. We have so much here that we take for granted.

Check out the following story on my favorite blog, Dooce, about the cause. And no, you won't see me training for a marathon anytime soon. But you bet your ass as soon as I can run that mile straight you're going to hear ALL about it.



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