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The 2013 Golden Globe awards

How fabulous did Jennifer Garner look at the Golden Globes in her red dress? Watching those glitzy and glamorous red carpet award shows is kind of a tradition for my family. My mom has always been really into them and passed this down genetically to yours truly. Only instead of sitting on the couch watching them together we now watch them from our respective homes and text each other every time we just can't hold our tongues.

ME: Is Dennis Quaid wearing a toupee?

MOM: Michael J. Fox's son looks just like him.

ME: I have to cook dinner, I'm missing Will Ferrell!

Then Justin gets home from work and I hear him in the living room saying, "Wow, that guy looks JUST like Michael J. Fox." You can't get nothing by that guy, I tell ya.

I don't know what my attraction to these awards shows is. I think I like to see what the celebrities and their stylists deem the best outfit they could possibly find for that particular night. Usually I haven't even seen half the movies or TV shows that they are talking about (as was the case yet again last night). And when I have seen them, half the time I don't agree at all with who won. "Oh c'mon, Sheldon is hilarious, they totally should have won best comedy!" Yes, I yell at the TV.

Last night's award show was entertaining enough that Justin didn't even change the channel when I through the remote at him. Or maybe he was just too tired, who knows. I have to say that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hysterical. Their dig on James Cameron at the start of the show received a fist pump or two from me (Avatar was by far, one of the worst films I have ever seen and I despise him for the money and credit he got for that). Jennifer Garner was breathtaking in her sparkly red dress, so elegant and so... sparkly. And we all know that my favorite color is sparkles. What was going on with Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno though? They probably should never put those two on a stage next to each other ever again. Their complexions are so polar opposite that Leno looked like he had just stepped out of a really bad spray tan booth and Fallon looked like he was coming down off heroin with his ashy grayness. I think that the most painful part, however, was Jodi Foster's acceptance speech for her Lifetime Achievement Award. Don't get me wrong - I love her and think she's a fantastic actress and completely deserved that award. But damn, that speech was more painful than a kidney stone. (I should know). Somebody take that women out on the town for a night of some fun! I understand that her speech was touching - I saw many of her fellow actresses wiping away tears. I'm sure that came mostly from the sheer honesty of her rambling parlance. And I have no problem with the traditional "coming out" speech.  But... maybe another place and time? And the sadness in her statement "I'm lonely..." just left me feeling sorry for her when I wanted to celebrate her award.

But you see, that's why they pay me the big bucks, because my opinion totally matters.

What were your favorite and least favorite Golden Globe moments?

That didn't last long.

Looking good...