If you're looking for adventure, food, and beautiful photos, this is your place.

It may not be Key West, but this is my paradise :)



My life shall soon be complete.  

On another note, I am feeling extreme amounts of anxiety and guilt over not posting the past two days. I spent an entire day backing up my hard drive (or rather on the phone with tech support figuring out HOW to back up my hard drive). 41, 568 pictures take a long time to back up. Then yesterday I was working on some DIM projects that I planned on posting. Doing them at home by myself proved to be... challenging. Two trips to Home Depot, a few splinters, a couple of "I give ups" and then going back to it and an aching back later, I have a half-completed pallet table for our entryway and an almost-refinished stool for a photo shoot prop. Will be posting pictures soon.

It is amazing to me as a child that grew up in the era just before the internet, just before cell phones and long before texting, tweeting, and iPads, that I am now so reliant on them. My phone is on it's last leg and I am going to replace it today, at which time I will also turn in my brand new computer with the dysfunctional hard drive (I literally repel technology) for the Geek Squad to do their magic (which I pray means replace). I feel like I will be completely helpless for up to three weeks! My new phone will undoubtedly take me a day or five to figure out and get all the settings right and everything back where I want it. Working off of Justin's old laptop while I wait for mine to be returned should be a nightmare I'm sure. I am not fond of his computer. But we'll make it work.

In the meantime, I must gear up for Suits.

I literally repel technology.

That didn't last long.