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I literally repel technology.

That is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time (20 cool points if you can tell me what movie it is from without Googling it). I haven't posted for A WEEK. No, our house did not burn down, I did not have some major accident and set my hair on fire (again). I was without internet... then without cell phone and computer... and boy did it screw me up. I have still been writing and taking pictures of stuff to post every day. But none of it made it online. Anyway, I'm back.

I have a penchant for destroying electronic devices by simply looking at them. The first computer I bought during my freshman year of college at CSU, Chico had to be returned twice before I could even use it. I kept getting bad monitors. I splurged that summer on a car stereo which had to be replaced twice as well before I got one that wasn't a factory defected system. I had SEVEN Blackberry Curves that all broke, almost all of them before I even had a chance to set them up. When I got this brand new Lenovo laptop, it had a bad hard drive, right out of the box. And it goes on and on...

The good thing about my little techno vacay is it allowed me some time to spend with family over the weekend and some mental concentration to focus on my newest project - school. More about that in the next post...


New year, new challenge.