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Family game night

Play this game. Really. gamenight1


Holly and Mikiyah came up this past weekend and they brought this game with them for us to play. You strap one of these plastic headbands around your head (super chic)



And you draw a card from a stack and put it in the headband. You then take turns asking each other questions to try to guess what your word is. You can only ask yes or no questions and you only have a minute before your timer runs out.


The husband was almost too cool for Headbanz.

Anyway, its harder than you might think! We would tend to get on a rant and lose complete track of how to ask questions that might actually help. And to make it even more fun, sometimes you end up with words so similar it kinda screws you up. My first word was "nightgown" and my second word was "pajamas" but why would I think to ask similar questions? It was good for a little frustration, a lot of laughs, and even an indent in the forehead that lasted well after the game :)


Going green...

My three stooges.