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Going green...

stool1stool9 Justin and I are considering green for our accent color in the living room. This is partly because we need something a little different, partly because I have this HUGE green potted plant and nowhere else to put it and it's a little because an old roommate left an unopened gallon of neon green paint behind that we have no other use for. With a little bit of effort and time I turned a beat up and boring stool into a pretty cute shabby chic and colorful one.

First, I used liquid sandpaper all over. I think I did two coats. This stuff is the best. thing. ever. You literally do no sanding at all. Apply it with a clean rag or towel. I used an old hand towel from the kitchen.


Next, I had to do something about the hideous shade of neon green. I pulled out the paints that I had gotten for free on Craigslist

Remember these?

And mixed some of them up with that hideous Kermit color.

There, that's a little calmer.

Next, I brushed the green all over the stool. It didn't have to be perfect because I was going for the shabby chic look. I just did a very generous coat all over.

While the paint dried, I got a little creative and pulled out some of the mason jars we have leftover from our wedding a few months ago.


I might have gone a little overboard. Thankfully, Justin came home from work before I painted everything in the house green :)


After the paint was dry, I went over it with some fine(ish) sandpaper. I don't remember the exact grit. The thing about this is it does not need to be perfect because, well, you are basically beating up a piece of furniture. You can't really mess this part up.


I loved the way it looked but wanted it to be shiny and to protect the paint from chipping so I went over it with a thick coat of beige-tinted glaze.


And voila! That's it. It took very little time and cost me NOTHING!





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