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Nothing like a little trickery



What do you do with a dog that LOVES balls (especially soccer balls) but destroys them all within minutes? I don't know either; let me know if you figure it out. In the meantime I tried to trick her. Seeing our pile of empty water jugs waiting to be recycled I thought hmmmm... this is somewhat similar to the shape of a ball. Ah, what the hell. So I tossed a jug down the hall for her and sure enough Milly went bananas! She kicks these things around and chases them down the hall and what's even better, they have a convenient handle attached for her carrying ease.

I was trying to pull one over on her but it turns out she thinks this is some sort of incredible thing I had specially designed just for her. Granted, they only last about 30 minutes before I have to pick up all the tiny pieces of doggy loved goodness out of the shag area rug in our living room but its the best 30 minutes ever for her. Plus, at like 80 cents a jug as compared to a $20 soccer ball I am one happy dog mama.




Self-help for the coffee table.

Staying home uniform.