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20 ways that you know you grew up in Elk Creek...

dam You know you’re from Elk Creek when…


20. You grew up with two TV channels – 7 and 9. (Good Morning America and Bob Ross!)


19. You painted your initials at Bidwell Point.


18.You either rode on a bus for at least 30 minutes to get to school or walked a half a block. There was no in-between.


17.None of the schools in your sports league were closer than two hours away. Some were 8.


16.Instead of Stranger Danger, you were taught rattlesnake safety and mountain lion evasion techniques.


15.You remember bats and snakes coming into the school cafeteria on the reg.


elk cree

14.You know what it’s like to go without power or water (or both) for two weeks.


13.When you were in the 7th grade you dated an 11th grader. Whom you were in the same Algebra class with.


12.You still tell your kids/employees/minions to “Pick it up, clean it up, put it awaaaayyyyyy!”


11.went “to town” every two weeks for groceries. Occasionally you had to pay $7 for a gallon of milk at the Stony Gorge Market.


10.You were class Vice President, FFA Reporter, Spanish Club Treasurer, baskeball team captain, stat keeper, Homecoming Chairman and on the school Site Council. In the same semester. Every year.


9.Your relatives that still live there finally just got wi-fi . And it costs them $849 a month.




7.You remember when the “old bridge” was just "the bridge."


old bridge

6.You named, raised, and nurtured your animals. And then ate them for dinner for the next 6 months.


5.Your school didn’t have a soccer team but they did have high school rodeo.


4.You did not, contrary to popular belief, participate in cow tipping. (Is that even a real thing? Who would do something so Oakie when you could be entertained by shooting squirrels and blackbirds or stealing potassium from the Chemistry lab to throw into the lake and watch it explode…? Dad gone sterotypes!)


3.Trick or treating was perfectly safe because you were related to every person in town that handed out candy. All 12 of them.


2.You had to date people that lived at least as far as Chico, otherwise they were your cousins.


1.Your family holidays included Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, 4th of July, Stonyford Rodeo, and Fair Week.

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