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Super cool!

A big congratulations goes out to an old high school friend of my Kari Montgomery who's very new and very awesome blog My Fabulous Frugal Life, received a Liebster Award after just a month of being published. Kudos Kari! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should do so STAT. She posts loads of really relevant stuff for anybody that cares about cooking, fashion, and living the most fabulous life possible on a frugal budget.

In turn, Kari nominated my blog for the award. I am so flattered!thumbsup

I have been so overwhelmed lately with trying to juggle three blogs, working full time, and going to school, that I haven't posted half of the great stuff I have in store. Sometimes I need a little boost like this to remember that people DO read my blog and that I love what I do!

In response to my nomination for a Liebster award, I have a list of questions to answer, so without further ado...


Questions for the Nominees

1. Why do you blog?

Well, I guess there are multiple answers to this question and the answers are probably a little different for each of my blogs but what it comes down to is I love to write - it is my true passion in life - and I love to take pictures almost as much. I have been told by many, many people that I have an ability to put emotions into words in a way that they can't themselves and because of this I felt strongly compelled to start this blog. I think a lot of people spend the majority of their time waiting for life to "start" or for that next big accomplishment when they'll feel like they made it. I woke up one day and realized, wait a minute... this is it. This is life. It started  awhile ago, whether we were ready or not! Thus, my blog was born and I began sharing what my version of this life is and the things that I hope will be relevant to others. Also, I am currently writing a couple of books and when you are desperately trying to get noticed in the publishing world it is VERY helpful to have a blog or two to point to and say "hey, look I can write and I can write a  lot and I can write regularly and people read it!"

2. What is the last book you read?

I am always reading and usually three or four books at a time. The last fiction book I finished was Sacred Evil by Heather Graham and the last non-fiction book would be Guns by Stephen King, which was actually a short story.

3. What is the last item you purchased?

Oy vey, my husband and I just got home from Target literally an hour ago so you know how that goes. Go in for toothpaste, come out with an entire cart full of stuff. But yeah, the toothpaste.

4. What is the last meal/food you prepared?

Dinner tonight, which was a bourbon marinated pork tenderloin and homemade gluten free cornbread (which was amazing if I do say so myself).

5. Where do you find home decorating items/inspiration?

I have a fairly eclectic style when it comes to home and so does my husband. We find a lot of inspiration within ourselves - I guess that's the artist in both of us. We both take what we love (for him- baseball, orange, geometric patterns; for me - music, literature, geography) and we try to mesh it together in a way that will be comfortable to live in and at the same time express who we are to anyone that comes over. We have things that we've found all over the place on our travels as well as a lot of my homemade projects. I think my favorite piece is our hall table that I made from an old pallet and pieces of the redwood deck that we took down in our backyard.

6. What do you love?

Taking pictures, high heels, books, writing, dogs, shopping, driving, music, and tropical islands :)

7. What's something you know you do differently than most people?

Tie my shoes! My dad taught me to tie them when I was a child and I don't know if it's because he is left-handed or what but I don't do it the way everyone else does! I have tried to learn the traditional way but muscle memory just keeps taking me back to the way my dad taught me.

8. What would you do if you won $1 million?

First step would be paying off both of our vehicles and our home and then hopefully investing wisely enough for us to retire :) Hawaii here we come!

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

Junior Mints.

10. What is your favorite store and why?

That would probably be Target. I mean, where else can you score the new CD you want, and awesome pair of boots, a sundress, some notebooks, some photo props AND a box of Junior Mints (see #9) all in one stop?

11. What are you grateful for?

I learned a long time ago to be thankful for each and everything surrounding you whether its exactly what you want or not. I am thankful for every single thing, every day and think to myself constantly "I am so grateful for this, I am so glad for that." Cheesy, maybe but I believe its gotten me where I am. More than anything I'm thankful to be in a position of complete stability - it took a lot of years to settle down and although it is a strange feeling for me it is truly wonderful to have a home, not just a house, a husband who is my best friend and to feel safe and happy each night.

What a difference 18 months makes

These are going to make it on 2013's worst trends list. For sure.