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The great dog toy search continues...


The place where we buy our dog food gives you a $50 gift certificate for every nine thousand bags of dog food you buy. Since we go through just about that much every couple of months this is actually  fantastic deal for us. I was able to use our free credit for a bunch of new dog toys this time. 

I actually consulted the store manager for his opinion. What toy is going to last maybe five or six minutes for my little four-legged furry trash compactor? These are the two toys he picked as well as a new Kong that I wanted to get for her because I felt bad that the boy dogs still have theirs and she doesn't. She loves rope toys but usually unties and shreds them in minutes but this one looks pretty gnarly! The blue tire, however, seemed like a Hail Mary to me. The store manager swears that because its really soft and flexible, that its actually harder for them to destroy. Says his dog has been chewing on the same one for months. Sold. I got my purchases and another 50-pound two-hour supply of dog food and on the way out the door asked him what kind of dog he has anyway. A Chihuahua. Ha!

They all love that fake doggy peanut butter stuff but what they love even more are the toys that don't belong to them.



Slugger steals Nike's Kong and holds them both hostage in the kennel. Meanwhile, Nike just wants some love.


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