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First fashion post!

I have a knack for two things when it comes to clothes - finding AMAZING deals on fashion and finding affordable versions of the outfits that you think you can't afford - here I show you where to find these things and my best attempt at putting them together in real life. And by real life I mean real life for those of us with jobs, families, and real-world activities. After 10 years of sitting at a nail table, wearing absolutely any ridiculous thing I wanted (including my daily dose of 4-inch heels), I have been thrust into a whole new world that involves chasing 4-year-olds around parks, looking professional as I photograph weddings, and being the oldest student in my classes at the local community college. Figuring out what to wear has been a new challenge for me! I turned to fashion magazines, Polyvore, and Pinterest and all left me wondering - how do I make this work in real life? So I set out to find the outfits I liked most in the most affordable way possible (and by affordable I mean I hate to spend more than $10 on a trendy shirt that will go out of style in the next couple of seasons), modify them for real life and show you how I put them together.

I want to hear from you! Send me photos of an item, an outfit, a Polyvore or Pinterest creation, or a celebrity outfit that you would like me to find a real-life, affordable version of and I will make it happen :)

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Without further ado -  my first fashion post!

I kept putting off posting in this category for one major reason - as a photographer I always want the most perfect photos for everything or I don't want to post them at all. After fumbling around with a tripod, self-timer, a remote shutter release and backdrops, I finally gave up in frustration. It is very hard to get good photos of yourself. I have been totally inspired by Kari and My Fabulous Frugal Life, who posts fashion pictures daily along with awesome info on where to get the steals she finds  (like this spring outfit) - her photos are simple self-shots in a mirror and they look great! She is also super consistent - something every blogger can admire.

I promise to try to improve my photos eventually, but for now here is what I've got!

This is the Pinterest post that inspired my outfit -

photo (1)

And here is my version:

photo (2)

I got the shirt at Old Navy for about $8 - the exact price is hard to say because I used Old Navy Bucks that I scored at Christmas and was able to use this month. The shorts are from American Eagle - their shorts are all buy one, get one for $10 so I was able to get two great pairs of shorts for $50. Denim is one of the areas that I am willing to spend whatever I have to because it is so hard to find denim that fits right!

The belt came on an older pair of shorts from last year so I just pulled it off and put it with the outfit because it matched the shoes I was wearing:

photo (2)

These sandals are my favorite thing right now from Wet Seal - they have tons of colors and their sales keep ranging from $4 a pair to buy one, get one half off - either way they are $4 or $5 a pair. I got them in lots of different colors!

And to top it off, one of my favorite gifts that I received during my bridal shower last year, this cool camera necklace:

photo (1)

I actually did wear some great aviators that I also grabbed at Wet Seal - those are 2 for $10 right now! I love them because aviators go with absolutely everything and I am so hard on sunglasses that I just can't justify spending a lot on them.

Have a great day!

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