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I'm back.


I have no good reason for not posting and not keeping up with this, or either of my other blogs. Actually, I have kept up pretty well with my photography blog but not my gluten-free blog or this one. I have always been an all-or-nothing person and if I can't put my all into something then I start to procrastinate and put it off. But recently, I received a couple of incredibly nice and inspiring emails from people who said that my work inspired THEM to pick up and carry on. (All of the emails were in response to this post on my photography site about the bombings in Boston). And in the end, that is the biggest thing I can hope to do for anyone. I have been in the dumps before, depressed beyond belief, sick beyond repair, and desperate for relief. I have been sickened and saddened and scared by the affairs of the world and wondered what its all for - but the gift that I have, and I guess the gift that I was put here to pass on to people, is the ability to always, always, always look toward the horizon, find something beautiful to love and to truly believe in faith, hope, and love. This too, shall pass.

I started this blog as a sort of testimony that even if your life is in shambles, we can all form some sort of community to laugh and forget about the bad. After a short break (alright a couple of pretty solid months), I am back with my head on my shoulders a little straighter and a new focus. I will be posting a couple of in-depth stories on what the heck has been going on and I will also continue with some of my most-liked categories such as It's Not That Big and A Milly a Day, and I will finally be posting to the categories that I most wanted to do but was a little too scared to do - Movie Review Monday and a fashion category that I have yet to title.

I have been inspired by my friend Kari Montgomery and her amazing blog My Fabulous Frugal Life, and inspired by a couple of letters I received (as I said earlier) and mostly I have found some relief from the chronic pain that I was in for years, which has freed enough emotional and physical energy for me to move on in life a bit.

Thank you to anybody who is still reading. This is my promise to you that this site will now be a place that truly embodies the spirit of hope and hopefully is filled with interesting things for you!

First fashion post!

Panic Room.