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Day off fashion is the best.

fedoraoutfit There's nothing like an entire day off when you don't HAVE to do anything or be anywhere. My favorite day off activity? Shopping of course :) This is a great example of laziness at it's best. I'm  not gonna lie, I didn't even wash my hair. Hence, the hat! I just love this straw fedora that I got at the Goodwill store by our house for $6. Justin and I picked it up on our way out to a photo shoot that we did for Valentine's Day back in February (and then I stole it from him). Here is our Valentine's Day card ....


The shorts are the second pair that I got at American Eagle in the buy one, get one for $10 sale. So you could either look at it like they cost me $10 or $25. Either way, they are comfy, fit well and I love them. The flip flops are another pair of the $4 Wet Seal ones that I scored in many, many colors. I talked about the shorts and sandals both here.

The shirt was a great steal, I got it last year actually on the clearance rack at Cutegirl.com for like $6! (weirdest name for a brick and mortar store ever but sometimes they have great deals like this).

The ultimate show of how much effort I put into my appearance comes down to the accessories - no jewelry = little to no effort! Truth be told, my mom and I planned on going to the pool so I didn't want to mess with a bunch of extra stuff. We didn't make it to the pool but got some great shopping done :)

Day 2 - May Photo a Day Challenge

Decisions, decisions.