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Days 5 & 6- May Photo a Day Challenge

Today is Day 5 of the Photo a Day Challenge. Here was my post for Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3  Day 4 and the whole challenge.

Day 5 - Paper.



I actually missed my post yesterday so I am going to do two today. Saturday I shot a wedding and those set me back like crazy. I had the foresight to pre-set a post for that day but not for the day of recovery after :) It takes me an entire day to get moving after shooting a wedding - it is basically like 8-15 hours of interval training on a treadmill. Exhausting!

This photo is extra cool because not only is it their photo mats that they had guests sign for them, but I took the pictures that those mats were framing. Very cool to have their house filled with pictures that I have taken of them :)


Day 6 - Broken.



When trying to figure out what I could post for today's "broken" photo, Justin suggested his fingers. Though they are maybe not technically broken (the Dr. said they were too swollen to tell and splinted him up) they have been pretty much useless since Thursday night. I have been wanting to write a post about what happened but I feel that it is a little too soon. The short version is that our dogs escaped and attacked another (much smaller) dog and my husband got hurt breaking up the fight. He had quite a few bites and four VERY swollen up fingers. They look much better now. The small dog survived; we surrendered our two male dogs to the SPCA. It was a truly awful weekend for us. My husband had those dogs since they were 8 weeks old - long before I met him. It is taking some real time to get used to a much different environment around this house and Justin's hands have been hurting him a lot. His hands and our hearts are healing  though, day by day.

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