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What NOT to wear.

In my new career as a photographer I have the hardest time figuring out what to wear for weddings. I understand the way I SHOULD dress, I also know how I WANT to dress... but then there is was is actually feasible for me. These three things do NOT mesh together well. dress

Photographers, as all wedding vendors, are expected to wear all black. That is the professional standard. A suit jacket is a bonus as are slacks. I personally cannot stand the heat of a suit jacket, but besides that, I can't move around the way I need to. I get SO HOT, abnormally hot really, and I cannot function drenched in sweat. I figure that it is probably more appropriate for me to be sleeveless than to be drenched in sweat or to faint during a ceremony due to heat stroke.

So for this wedding season I wasn't exactly sure what to wear but I knew what NOT to wear - too short, too low cut, too bright, too HOT, or too constricting. So I started there.

I struck out recently on a shopping spree in search of two specific outfits that I wanted to find that I felt would be prefect wedding outfits for me to work in. I wasn't able to find either! I won't give up though, as I have quite a few weddings to do in the coming year.

For last Saturday's wedding I was SO GLAD I went sleeveless because it was 95 degrees in the shade (and I spent the majority of a 9-hour day running around in the sun).

I am really iffy on the sleeveless dress because the old-school train of thought is that sleeves are required for professional jobs. As I said before though, with all of my camera equipment I find even short sleeves to be too constrictive.

I found this dress at Forever 21 for $15! I was so glad I found it. It is very cool and lightweight. I added the belt myself that I picked up for an outfit I wore on my 30th birthday  (I sadly don't remember where I bought it) and wore some classic black pumps. I also packed black flat shoes to change into and I was very glad as the wedding ended up being on a hillside that was mostly dirt. After the pictures of the bridal party getting ready, off went the heels and on went the flats!

This outfit was perfect for me comfort wise. It allowed me to stay as cool as possible and comfortable as well. I felt the polka dots made it a little more summery since it was an outdoor daytime wedding and not formal. I'm still searching for the perfect wedding uniforms I have in my head though!

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