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Day 8 - May Photo of the Day Challenge

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Day 8 - Shape


Did you ever realize how expensive globes are?! Holy. Cow. I decided about 6 months ago that I just couldn't live without a globe any longer. I have this  nerdy little hobby in my free time of researching different destinations all around the world. I like to know where they are, what the weather is like, how people make a living, what the economy is like, the history, etc. I dream of travelling the world taking pictures of it all as I go! I really like to see where places are in relation to each other. When I was growing up we had a cool globe that my dad showed us all sorts of things on. I decided that we need one here at home as well. I had no idea that globes generally start at around $80! Also, I wanted a basic traditional one like the one we had growing up. The ones I was finding all lit up, were brightly colored, or had pictures on them. I was overjoyed when I recently came across this one at the Goodwill near our house. I was looking for photo props and lo and behold here it was... for $6! I snatched it up and took it straight home and now I know exactly where I am researching... the old fashioned way. 

Day 9 - May Photo a Day Challenge

Always late, but worth the wait.