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Day 18 - Photo a Day Challenge

Day 18 - Want



Today I WANT to be finished with my History final! Our teacher gave us the choice of a regular in-class final orand open book, open  note take home final... of course most people voted on the take home so that won. I would have preferred the in-class. For one thing, he made the final harder since it is open book and we have all week to do it. Also, it is so hard for me to concentrate and get it done at home! There are way more important things for me to do (such as blogging lol) and it is just different for me now than it was my first time around in college. My regular life and business take priority now, not school. All I have to do is this one last test and I will be through with that class forever and done with school until August! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...


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