If you're looking for adventure, food, and beautiful photos, this is your place.

It may not be Key West, but this is my paradise :)


Let the countdown to Hawaii begin!

kahala beach In just 8 1/2 short months I will be photographing a wedding on this beautiful beach! I absolutely cannot wait. Those who know me best know that Hawaii is my favorite place on the planet. I was debating on moving there when I met my husband and now I just have to convince him to go with me ;)

This is an exciting opportunity for me to photograph a wedding on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii as well! I had a blast last time I travelled to Oahu, playing in the water, body surfing, shopping, tanning, relaxing on the beach, and of course, taking pictures.

My favorite flowers grow to the size of dinner plates in Hawaii!


I didn't have anywhere near the camera equipment then that I do now. I can't wait to play! For now, my mom and I are working hard at getting ourselves in shape so we are strong enough to do all the playing that we plan on doing! That is, after the wedding festivities of course :)



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Beets benefits !!! 😻 Juice life 7/8