If you're looking for adventure, food, and beautiful photos, this is your place.

It may not be Key West, but this is my paradise :)


A country boudoir shoot made that much better with golden hour light.

Giving boudoir shoots a little country kick! I think this might be my favorite photo from Monday's shoot. I am still swamped with editing work and it's preventing me from posting the stacks of stuff I have waiting to blog! But I will keep shooting sneak previews of some of the photo shoots I've been busy with. I love boudoir shoots and they are one of my most popular sessions. I highly encourage women to do one of these shoots for themselves! It's a great gift too, but I think its far more important to do a shoot for YOU to remind yourself of how beautiful you are and to capture a moment in time.



When you need to make a biiiiig wish!

A sweet photo shoot with a vintage feel.