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Golden Hour Shot.

This week has been a whirlwind! I had the bright idea to redo our master bathroom. It was a good idea until I had to start working again. Now I'm sandwiching painting and sanding between shooting, editing, cooking and everything else I've got going on! It will make for some good DIM posts though. Golden hour shooting perfect hour magic hour bright sun big open golden field country girl photos photography pictures


For now, here is a photo from a really cool shoot I got to do the other day. This beautiful woman is Tami Bears - she is the best photographer I know and was our wedding photographer. Over the past two years she has helped me so much in learning and growing my own business and I just love her! What an honor to be able to take HER photos for a change. This is not only one of my favorite photos from that day, but really it is one of my favorite photos ever. I just love golden hour shooting!

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