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A Salute to some Fire Fighting Daddy's


This has been a terrible summer for fires. California's firefighters have been busy battling flames all over the state and a lot of these fire fighters leave families behind when they bravely don their turnout gear and head off to beat the flames.

The toll that these fires take can be so far reaching - they affect so many areas of life from landscape, to homes, to financial concerns, to putting strain on relationships and of course, sometimes the ultimate sacrifices are made. Every firefighter knows that when he heads off to fight those fires, there is always the possibility that he won't come home. These are the risks that they take, and for that, they will never be paid enough.

We can sing the praises of our firefighters at the top of our lungs but no group of people will ever be bigger fans than the kids of these brave men. I had the honor today of getting together with the wives, kids, and other family members of Colusa's Fire Department's firefighters to work on a special little project that we put together to let these heroes know JUST how loved and appreciated they are! The mom's and kids worked very hard making signs to show say to their favorite firefighters THANK YOU!


Christian Landreth's niece and nephew, Maddison and Jeremiah.


Matt Ropers' three girls Justine, Hayleigh, and Peyton.


Billy Wolf's kids Maddi, Abby, Matt, and Junior.


David Avera's daughters Alexis, Ariana, and Leyla.


Anthony Azevedo's daughter Jor-el.


Thomas Dorsey's kids Clara, Patrick, and Jacob.


Craig Dunn's daughter Kaymen.


Logan Conley's son Connor.

To all of the Colusa Fire Department's firefighters, and to firefighters everywhere, THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO TO KEEP US SAFE!!!

I will leave you with a few more shots from today!







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