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What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot

So you've booked a boudoir shoot and you couldn't be more excited (and nervous)! Now comes the fun and exciting part - deciding what to wear. You can go any direction with this really, anything you can imagine but I wanted to offer some suggestions for what works really well (and what doesn't).

Dressing for your boudoir shoot doesn't have to be complicated (or expensive). We have lots of great ideas for you!

1. Lingerie.

When people think "boudoir shoot" they usually think lingerie. That's not the only route to go! I'm going to give you some great other ideas but for those that want to go the lingerie route here are some helpful hints:

           - Push those girls up. The most flattering lingerie involves push up tops unless you have implants. The cute little flowy baby dolls can be very adorable on some ladies but on most of us they don't offer enough support and the minute we lay down the girls go flat or fly off to the side. Shove em in a push up top though and we are good to move around at will and get flattering shots at many different angles, including laying down.

Push-up bras are a girl's best friend!

          - Stay away from corsets. While they can be absolutely stunning when done right, corsets don't actually look very good in photos. The exception is if you have a nice set of fake ones. Corsets flatten the chest super tight against the body - slimming the waist yes but also everything else as well. There are always exceptions to this but if you want to wear a traditional straight top corset check yourself out from every angle before you decide to do so.

          - Thigh highs. I have a love/hate relationship with these! The most common ones you find at VS or Fredericks have that super awesome rubber lining around the thigh part to help keep them from sliding down. Perfect for functionality BUT the problem is that super tight ring around your leg causes a bulge. This happens no matter how slim, curvy, or fit you are. It's science. Or something like that. Some girls pull them off but again if you want to wear those please try them on before you come and check how they look and feel - no we can't Photoshop the silhouette to be thinner in every photo. However, there are some really cool stockings now that come attached to garters and hand more loosely - not only are they more comfortable but they look way better in photos too!

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            - Color. You want to think about the colors you choose for your lingerie are these photos for you? What color do you look best in? Have blue eyes? Maybe rock a bright blue then. Love black and white photography? A white set will look beautiful in a really high key bright black and white. A black set looks very awesome and contrasty for some dramatic lighting and black and white photos. Are the pictures for your guy? Maybe go with HIS favorite color.

2.  Have fun with it. 

Photo shoots are a time for FUN. For creativity. And for stepping outside of your box a little bit. Just because you wouldn't normally wear red lipstick to work doesn't mean you shouldn't for your shoot! Sometimes the things that scare us the most are the same things that look the best. If you love sky-high stilettos but can't pull them off in real life, wear some for  your shoot for fun. We'll lay you down on the bed first so you don't topple over ;) jewelry, hair accesories, a little extra sparkle or oomph are all fun additions to your shoot and can leave you with a jaw dropping stunning look.

Slip on those heels! No need to try to walk in them ;)

3. His stuff. 

If you're doing these photos for the man in your life it can be a great idea to incorporate some of his clothes or favorite things. Your man's dress shirt or favorite jersey is always a great choice. I had a police officer's wife bring his handcuffs and hat before and a few firefighter's wives brought turnout coats and a fire hat. Think about what his favorite things are if this is a gift and you can't go wrong!

Incorporate something he loves and you can't go wrong.

4. Raid your closet. 

Some of my FAVORITE boudoir shots involve a basic sweater, cardigan, t-shirt or wife beater with a pair of undies. That's it. No purchase necessary and nothing uncomfortable. And the photos look hot EVERY time! Find a sweater you love in a soft fabric and go barefoot or pair it with some pretty knee socks. One of my favorite pictures of myself is in just knee socks and a pair of undies with my chest covered. Sometimes less is more.

5. Or, you could wear nothing at all.

Now these are obviously a favorite among the man folk but they're also usually a favorite for the ladies as well. If you decide to show it all there are a few ways to go about it. Strategically covering the parts you don't want to show with just a blanket or a sheet can be oh, so sexy. You can also go with the "implied nudity" look where it's pretty obvious you're naked but your lady bits are covered with a bouquet of flowers, rose petals, a baseball bat, whatever you might want to stand in front of. Lots of ladies just drop the bra and hold on to the girls for dear life! Makes for some pretty awesome photos and shows juuuuust enough to be amazing.

Or nothing but the bedding...

6. Remember if you've got it, flaunt it. 

And if you don't, don't worry about it. Every single one of us has something we like and something we loathe about ourselves. Take this into consideration when shopping. Hate the dark stretch marks all over your belly? Or you're extra roll around the middle? You're still absolutely beautiful I promise. Think about your level of comfort when picking your wardrobe. Maybe the sweater or t-shirt idea would work perfectly for you. Hate your butt? Maybe go with boy shorts or regular underwear instead of a thong.

Show off your favorite features, whatever they may be.

7. Don't stress. 

Lastly but not leastly, try not to over think it. You don't need to go out and drop a fortune at Victoria's Secret or stress over this. If all else fails throw a bunch of stuff in your bag and bring it in and let us help you pick what will work great for you. We love to help out!

For more ideas, follow my Pinterest board!


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