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Self Reflection


I have always been a quote girl. There is something more powerful in words than anything else in the world to me (followed closely by photos of course lol).

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking and self reflection. I suppose this is normal for this time of year for me - with the New Year looming I always take a chance to inventory my life, my goals, and my aspirations. This year does feel different though. I found myself just sort of shutting down last week. I am not sure what's going on but I feel that I have lost the ability to people. I was so busy and overwhelmed for so long that I got injured and sick at the same time and I finally realized that I really need to take some time to myself.

It's been a LONG year. A fast, hard, crazy, whirlwind of a long year. So much good has happened, and yet I spent most of the year stressed to the max. It took one swift injury and one stressful holiday season to bring me to my senses and realize that I cannot be good to anyone if I am not first good to myself.

I am enjoying quite time at home. Slow time. Me time. I am so proud of the accomplishments I have made in the past year. Not necessarily proud of the attitudes they've caused. I am working on my imperfections and attempting to find balance.

When I was growing up my dad would always tell me that being sick, or hurt or sad is a good thing. He said you can't know what it's like to be happy if you don't ever feel sad. That if you were never sick you wouldn't have a way to appreciate what feeling healthy is. I thought he was crazy. It's funny how all these years later it makes complete sense to me.

I hope that everyone has the happiest of holidays this season, whatever they may entail for you. Remember to embrace the dark with the light, the stress with the joy and the stress with the relaxation. It is all part of the balance of things.

The Best Cranberries EVER.

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