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Pure Vanilla Extract (Gluten free, corn free, allergen free)

I don't have photos yet but they're coming soon!  

Imagine my horror when I found out that with my corn allergy I couldn't even use simple things like my regular every day vanilla extract. Boo. But imagine my excitement when I found out that making it SUPER easy and that it tastes even better than store bought. (Ok that part might not be true, it's not like I've done a blind taste test but just let me have this ok?) This is also a very economical way to make a ton of vanilla!


One vanilla bean

One fifth of grape or potato vodka (We use Blue Ice)

Throw the vanilla bean into the bottle of vodka. Wait 6 weeks. Now you have vanilla extract for all of your home baked goods!

*You can make this in smaller quantities. I broke off a smaller piece of vanilla bean and put it in a 4oz. Ball canning jar to test this out. It worked great and I actually can't imagine using a full bottle of vodka in my lifetime. But then again, I do a LOT of baking.


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