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Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

Captain America Review

Everybody stop what you're doing right now. Get into your car and drive to the nearest theater and watch. this. movie. Well maybe read the rest of this review first but then stop what you're doing and drive to the nearest theater and watch this movie.

One thing I found myself asking almost immediately is 'why is this a Captain America movie and not the next in the Avengers franchise?' After all, you are seeing SO MANY of the Avengers in it. However, despite the padded cast of heroes, the focus does remain on Steve Rogers and his conflicts and relationships, especially those with Bucky and Iron Man (intense stuff here folks).

Here's a couple of tips for the movie - first off make sure you're caught up on the Marvel movies. Whether this feels like it should be a Captain America or an Avengers movie, there is a rhyme and reason to the way they release the films and you'll get more enjoyment out of it if you've seen them all first. I also should say this - don't Google too much info about this movie because the surprises are the best parts. Let it catch you off guard and take you by surprise and you'll be happy with the ride.

One of the things that stands out to me most about this film is that it has a little more of a comic booky and even a tad of an indie feel in comparison with previous Marvel/Avengers movies. At any point during an action scene I felt like you could take a screenshot and have what would resemble a great still from a graphic novel. There's also less comedy and more action than previous films in the franchise - and I like it. The action isn't forced or filler action; every scene takes the story to an important place. There's nothing better than edge-of-your-seat action to me and in that aspect Civil War delivers.

I also love some of the new characters that we haven't seen or haven't seen much of before. (Hint: we see Spider-Man as an adolescent in a parallel universe with Ikea closet shelving and he just might change the future of the Avengers). Get ready for new attachments, new conflicts, and new heartbreaks. And that's just in the first half. And don't worry, our old favorites are back and they are phenomenal. The dynamics between Bucky and War Machine are so awkward it will remind you of any time you've been in a friendship triangle where three's a crowd. My favorite new girl quote of the movie is "I cannot control their fear, only mine." Just wait for it. Goosebumps.

Also of note is Scarlett Johansson's superb performance once again as Black Widow - possibly her best yet. Word has it she continued her training routines that made her so kick ass/believable in her previous Black Widow portrayals but that she even added in some MMA training to get the most realistic fight scenes possible. And that's just one of the many incredible character performances in this movie. Be ready for great emotion AND action from some of your favorite Avengers and beyond. And there's even a Star Wars reference so it's a no-brainer.

There's honestly not a lot more I can say about the movie without irreparable spoilers, just see it. I prefer the theater for a movie like this with great action sequences, CGI, sound effects, etc. which this movie has. And as with all Marvel movies, stay past the end credits. It never fails to amaze me how many people do not do that. You can actually almost weed out the die-hard Marvel fans from the rest of the crowd by who settles back in their seats for the end credits to roll. Enjoy!

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